Pool Complex

The heartbeat of Carmel’s summer is its “Resort Style” pool complex, open from Memorial Day to Labor Day. This spectacular complex was designed specifically to meet the needs of Carmel’s members as part of Phase I of the Strategic Plan and opened to record attendance in May 2008. 

The complex features two pools, a diving board, an exciting water tower with two slides and an infant/toddler zero entry area. The complex also includes a “California Style” Pool Grill, offering a great range of traditional fare from hot dogs to fresh salads to iced tea and even smoothies. Complete locker rooms and towel service are available for members and their accompanied guests.

Enjoy our chaise lounges for basking in the sun or find some shade or sit at the Cabana for a snack and some drinks. Play foosball or ping pong with friends. On summer nights, Carmel hosts many fun events at the pool for families and adults including barbecues, live music, games and adult only events.

Kids and juniors can also participate in the Carmel Swim Team, the Dolphins. The Swim Team operates under an outstanding coach and has been a tradition at Carmel for many decades. In addition swim lessons with trained professionals for the tots are available during the season.

Make the pool your party destination! Carmel can arranged and organize your child’s birthday party at the pool, including food and drinks.

2018 Pool Hours


May 19th and 20th- 11am-7pm
May 25th- 5pm-9pm
May 26th- 10:30am-10:00pm
May 27th- 10:30am-8pm
May 28th- 10:30am-8:00pm
May 29th- 12pm-3pm – Home Swim Meet
May 30th- 12pm-6pm
May 31st- 12pm-6:00pm
June 1st- 12pm-10pm
June 2nd 10:30am-10pm
June 3rd 10:30am-8pm
June 4th-6th- 10:30am-9pm
June 7th- 10:30pm-3pm Home Swim Meet
June 8th-9th-10:30am-10pm
June 10th 10:30am-8pm
June 11th-13th- 10:30pm-9pm
June 14th- 10:30pm-3pm
June 15th-16th-10:30pm-10pm
June 17th- 10:30am-8pm
June 18th-21th-10:30am-9pm
June 22nd-23rd-10:30am-10pm
June 24th- 10:30am-8pm
June 25th- 28th- 10:30am-9pm
June 29th- June 30th- 10:30pm-10pm
July 1st-10:30am-8pm
July- 2nd- 3rd 10:30am-9pm
July 4th 10:30- 5pm
July 5th-10:30pm-9pm
July 6th- 7th- 10:30pm-10pm
July 8th- 10:30am-8pm
July 9th-12th- 10:30pm-9pm
July 13th-14th -10:30pm-10pm
July 15th- 10:30am-8pm
July 16th-19th-10:30pm-9pm
July 20th-21st- 10:30pm-10pm
July 22nd- 10:30am-8pm
July 23rd- 26th- 10:30pm-9pm
July 27th-28th-10:30pm-10pm
July 29th- 10:30am-8pm
July 30th-31st- 10:30-9pm
August 1st-2nd- 10:30-9pm
August 3rd-4th- 10:30pm-10pm
August 5th- 10:30am-8pm
August 6th-9th -10:30-9pm
August 10th-11th- 10:30pm-10pm
August 12th- 10:30am-8pm
August 13th- 16th-10:30am-9pm
August 17th-18th- 10:30pm-10pm
August 19th- 10:30am-8pm
August 20st-23rd -10:30pm-9pm
August 24-25th -10:30pm-10pm
August 26th-10:30am-8pm
August 27th- 30th-4pm-9pm
August 31st-4pm-10pm
September 1st-10:30pm-10pm
September 2nd-10:30am-8pm
September 3rd- 10:30pm- 8pm-Labor Day
September 8th-9th-10:30am-7pm
September 15th-16th


Please Note: We employ certified lifeguards during pool hours for your safety.